Unity5 (Zatpark), a leading enforcement management SaaS company, is delighted to announce the appointment of its employee, Hannah Fuller, as Vice Chair of the British Parking Association’s (BPA) Parking Technology Interest Group. Hannah’s extensive industry experience and unwavering commitment to advancing technology and innovation in the parking sector make her the ideal choice for this significant role.

Hannah brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new position as  Vice Chair of the BPA’s Parking Technology Interest Group. As an employee of Unity5 (Zatpark), Hannah has proven herself as a highly motivated Client Services Director, known for her structured and organized approach, strong communication skills, and a proven track record of delivering optimal solutions to clients. She excels under pressure and has a history of effectively managing teams to achieve outstanding results.

In addition to her professional achievements at Unity5 (Zatpark), Hannah is the co-founder of the Women in Parking group, demonstrating her commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the parking industry. She also serves as a mentor and a Council member of the British Parking Association, playing an active role in the parking community.

Unity5 (Zatpark) is a modern and dynamic enforcement management SaaS company, specializing in the innovative Zatpark Platform. Zatpark is a comprehensive and fully flexible parking and environmental enforcement management solution that continuously embraces new technology to deliver greater operational efficiencies to clients. The platform offers world-class features for complete control of any enforcement lifecycle through automation.

The BPA, a not-for-profit membership association, represents the UK’s parking and mobility sector, including over 770 corporate members and 650 individuals. Their vision is to create a diverse and inclusive membership community that supports a parking and travel experience that exceeds expectations. The BPA’s Strategic Plan focuses on delivering value and service to its members.

Hannah’s appointment as Vice Chair of the BPA’s Parking Technology Interest Group is a significant milestone in her career and underscores her commitment to advancing the parking industry through technology and innovation. Both Hannah Fuller and Unity5 (Zatpark) are excited about the potential impact of this collaboration.

Hannah Fuller said: “I’m deeply honoured to take on the role of Vice Chair for the BPA’s Technology Innovation and Research Board. I’m passionate about driving technology and innovation in the parking sector, and this role allows me to work towards that goal at a broader scale. I look forward to collaborating with the BPA and our industry partners to shape the future of parking.”

Yasmin Jefferies, Business Development Manager at the British Parking Association commented: “The Parking Technology interest group is the BPA’s fastest growing membership group. Its aim is to provide opportunities for those involved in developing and distributing parking equipment and technology to meet and discuss best practices, review emerging technologies, and develop standards for new and existing products and services in the sector.

Together, the group’s representatives are committed to delivering engaging and relevant content that helps to continue growing the parking technology group and supporting BPA members in the parking technology space.”

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