Our aim is to innovate and develop simplified, automated, compliant, secure and accessible technology solutions for business and industry.

Our Story

Unity5 was formed by our founders Dave Herbert and Lukasz Kieruczenko in early 2010, and as with many technology successes in modern times, the concept and initial blueprint were borne over a Costa coffee on a wet and windy winter’s afternoon in Exmouth.

The company’s direction was inspired by the technical expertise and entrepreneurial foresight of our founders, who possess a combined 32 years of experience in commercial IT, web, E-Commerce and communications. Through their own vocational experience within IT consultancy and executive leadership, Dave and Lukasz experienced the need for useful and pragmatic software solutions, accessible by businesses, irrespective of their size and scope. Their mission was to support businesses and collective industries to progress into an age of digitalisation and automation.

This aim was realised through our flagship solution ZatPark. The design of ZatPark was shaped by the experience Dave and Lukasz had from working in the parking management and enforcement industry. They directed companies on both a local and national level, where they identified an upcoming shift in requirements in the industry to increase operational efficiency through automation, as well as demonstration of clear and evidenced compliance to regulations. As a result, the formal development of ZatPark began from the bedrooms and home offices of Dave and Lukasz in mid-2009. The finished product was being used by customers only nine months later.

ZatPark is a well-established solution in the private parking sector in the UK with a significant market share. ZatPark allows a parking management company to issue parking charge notices when vehicles are in contravention. The created case then progresses through ZatPark until either the parking charge notice is paid by the offender or an appeal is accepted. ZatPark is now used by in excess of 100 clients and has issued nearly 15 million Parking Charge Notices (PCNs).

While ZatPark is the major offering for Unity5, we are home to other brands and solutions developed and available in the market. This includes Ecom6, a web and IVR payment integration solution, and Hybrid Mail, an alternative mailing solution providing environmental and cost-saving advantages.

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Our UK based team is comprised of experienced and innovative developers, analysts, technical consultants, project managers and testing experts to support our clients at any stage of their growth.

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