Quality Policy

Unity Five Limited aims to build the most trusted technology brand in the parking sector, working with private and commercial companies to have a positive impact for our wider society.

We have implemented a QMS to satisfy the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard further ensuring our customers get consistent, good-quality products and services.

As a company, we have our corporate mission and values we adhere to including:
● To be the premier player in the commercial and public sector markets by 2025.
● To be recognised beyond the parking industry, as a technology partner.
● To operate globally.
● To continually develop a diversified range of products and services.
● To invest in and impact our people and communities in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our customers are at the core of all we do, and we are wholly committed to consistently meeting and exceeding their requirements and expectations. Our approach to the continual improvement of our products and services is of paramount importance to us and we shall demonstrate continuous improvement through our adherence to:

● current legal, regulatory and ethical requirements,
● Internal operating procedures,
● The collation, analysis and actioning feedback from our stakeholders.

Unity Five Limited has established processes in place to assist and provide training to all staff to promote and support compliance to these standards.

Unity Five Limited shall provide a professional and friendly service to our clients. This shall be achieved by the setting of internal objectives to show commitment to the:


● Management reviews of audit results, internal and external client feedback and complaints.
● Measurement and monitoring of the effectiveness of our processes and objectives through
regular reviews.
● Compliance with all necessary regulatory or legal requirements.
● Delivery of services to a high specification that provides a high performance of satisfaction to
our customers.

The Risk and Compliance Manager is responsible for monitoring the Quality System and reports to the Directors on a regular basis the effectiveness of the system. All staff have a responsibility for the application of the policies and procedures. We regularly review the quality objectives throughout the year.