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At Unity5, we’re different. Really different. We’re a modern, dynamic, ‘born in the cloud’, enforcement management SaaS company

We offer a different kind of service, ensuring our client’s enforcement operations can operate smoothly and effectively. Unity5 has a reputation as the leading provider of the innovative Zatpark Platform, a comprehensive and fully flexible parking and environmental enforcement management solution. Our Zatpark Platform is a cloud-native service where there is nothing to install and nothing to maintain. 

Who We Are

Founded in 2010 by Dave Herbert and Lukasz Kieruczenko, Unity5 was shaped by their in-depth knowledge of parking enforcement, their expertise in technology and their passion for service delivery. 

Unity5 continuously improves its Zatpark Platform, embracing new technology to deliver greater operational efficiencies to our clients. The Zatpark platform offers world-class features that provide complete control of any enforcement lifecycle through automation. 

At Unity5, we are immensely proud of our motivated, inclusive and supportive family-oriented team culture. Our DNA is ingrained in our day-to-day culture in team collaboration, customer service, work socials and charity events. We inspire each other to achieve collectively.

The Zatpark Platform enables clients to automate PCN or other charge issuance, debt resolution and appeals and implement digital permits, kiosk and mobile solutions that enforce any scenario while delivering security and compliance. Unity5 works with industry leaders and local authorities to ensure our Zatpark Platform solves multiple problems with a single solution. 

At its core, Unity5 is a technology company focused on developing SaaS solutions that make complex business processes simple.

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Complete management of the enforcement lifecycle, from issue to recovery, and every step in between

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Streamlined workflow and cost-effective processing of customer parking sessions and permits

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User-friendly terminals that remove the administrative overhead of allocating parking spaces for visitors

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Print and issue notices including photographic evidence, with automatic back-office sync

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Our UK based team is comprised of experienced and innovative developers, analysts, technical consultants, project managers and testing experts to support our clients at any stage of their growth.

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